Occhi Tanti-en

Occhi Tanti


Cu è ca mi talia

Quannu sugnu in cruci

E strinciu p’un cariri?

‘A casa è china i tia

Quannu sugnu sulu

Iu ti sientu runnegghiè


Ma tu nun ti fai abbiriri

Si m’inzierti a chianciri

Ti priu, nun niesciri

Tu hai ru’ occhi tanti 

A biglie jucamucci


Cu è ca ti talia

Quannu si ‘a cchiù duci 

E allienti pi moriri?

Di poi t’i portu iu

Spago e du’ bicchieri

Ca ti cuntu a zocchegghiè


Ma tu ‘un ti fari abbiriri

Si m’inzierti a chianciri

Già u sai, ‘un ha’ niesciri

Iu haiu l’occhi tanti 

Pi circariti


Cu è ca nni quarìa

Quannu nni vasamu

Sulu p’un manciarinni

Si biedda ca ‘un cinn’è

Iu ‘un capisciu nienti

Sugnu iu ca nni talia?


Ma nun mi fazzu abbiriri

Si ti inziertu a chianciri

No, ‘un vogghiu niesciri

Ci vonnu ru’ occhi tanti

Pi taliariti


Ma ‘unni faciemu abbiriri

Jucamu a taliarinni

E cu vuoli niesciri?

Aviemu l’occhi tanti 

Pi nun ririri

Occhi Tanti


Who looks at me

When I’m on the cross

And I tight my hold not to fall?

The house is full of you

When I’m on my own

You are everywhere


But you stay out of sight

If you catch me crying

Please, please, don’t go out

You have such small eyes

Let’s play marbles with them


Who looks at you

When you are the sweetest one 

And you loosen your hold to die?

I’ll bring them to you, after:

Some string and two cups

And I’ll tell you no matter what


But stay out of sight

If you catch me crying

You already know you mustn’t go out

My eyes are this big

‘Cause I’ve been looking for you


Who warms us

When we kiss

So that we don’t eat each other

You’re as beautiful as ever

I’m completely lost

Am I the one looking at us?


But I stay out of sight

If I catch you crying

No, I don’t want to go out

I really takes two eyes

To look at you


Let’s stay out of sight

Let’s play gazing at each other

We’re not going anywhere

Our eyes are this big

As we try not to laugh